About us

We are a certified and accredited healthcare institution.

We have a certificate of conformity No. 9000-503 issued by the Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau, which certifies that the quality management system of the polyclinic in the field of provision of personal healthcare outpatient services of primary and secondary level complies with the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001: 2015; we have also acquired a certificate No. J24-45 issued by the State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health, which certifies that we have been accredited to provide general medical services.

We provide professional and comprehensive healthcare services.

Our team includes more than 40 family medical practitioners and 70 specialist physicians, 17 paediatricians and 20 dental practitioners who take care of patients in Šeškinė Polyclinic. We also offer outpatient surgery and medical rehabilitation services.

GPs and specialist physicians at the Youth Health Room provide free of charge and anonymous counselling.

We perform all the necessary laboratory and instrumental tests.

We carry out detailed examinations and diagnostic procedures promptly - within the course of one visit to the doctor. This shortens the path to diagnosis and prescription of treatment for the patient.

We are versatile and modern.

The outpatient clinic has an electronic patient registration and queuing system. We give our patients the opportunity to set up a personal account where they can see the results of their laboratory tests, scheduled visits, and preventive programmes prescribed for them. We organize our work using the polyclinic’s internal information system, which enables the various units to exchange important information in an expeditious manner.