Dental Services

At Šeškinė polyclinic, dentists and oral hygienists provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive primary and secondary oral health care services for children and adults. The dental department uses advanced medical equipment and high-quality filling materials.

Specialists working in the dental department, providing primary health care services:

  • advise on dental care, oral hygiene;
  • examine and evaluate the condition of mouth and teeth of patients;
  • perform treatment of dental hard tissues, dental root canals;
  • provide services of dental removal and treatment of inflammation of the tissues of the oral cavity;
  • perform professional oral hygiene (clean dental plaque, stones, polishes the surface of teeth and fillings);
  • perform preventive sealing of children’s teeth (germinated permanent molars are covered with sealants).

Qualified dentists of Šeškinė polyclinic also provide secondary health care services:

  • diagnose and treat diseases of the oral mucosa and tongue;
  • perform surgical removal of complex teeth (including over-retained ones), benign tumours, cysts, tooth root resections;
  • diagnose and treat pathology of the temporomandibular joint;
  • perform plastic surgery of the lips and tongue, gingivectomy, soft tissue biopsies.

Secondary dental services are provided to those patients who have a referral.

Residents who have registered with the polyclinic (except for children and young people attending general education schools, full-time units of vocational schools, but not older than 24 years of age, and socially disadvantaged people) pay for the dental materials and disposable equipment used for the services according to the rates applicable in the polyclinic, determined according to the cost of medical equipment.

You can register for visits to dentists at the reception of the polyclinic, by phone (8 5) 250 2000 or online at