Dental Services

Šeškinė Polylinic has qualified odontologists and oral hygienists who provide diagnostic, curative and preventive dental care of the primary level to children and adults. The Unit of Dentistry uses advanced medical equipment and quality filling materials.

Specialists employed at the Unit of Dentistry:

  • perform a dental check-up and evaluate the condition of the patient's teeth;
  • perform treatment of the dental hard tissues, dental roots and canals;
  • provide the services of surgical dental extraction and treatment of abscesses;
  • perform oral hygiene (clean tooth plaque, stones, and polish tooth surface);
  • offer preventive dental sealant coating for children (newly grown permanent teeth of patients are covered with sealant materials);
  • advise on the issues of dental care and oral hygiene.

Residents enrolled in the polyclinic (except for children and adolescents enrolled in comprehensive schools, vocational schools but not more than 24 years of age, and socially disadvantaged persons) pay for dental materials and disposable supplies at the rate applied in the polyclinic as determined by the cost of medical supplies.

Once a year, oral hygiene is free of charge for children and young people up to 18 years of age (they do not have to pay for materials or medical equipment).

You can register for appointments with odontologists at the polyclinic's reception, by calling (8 5) 250 2000 or online at