Emergency Assistance

Emergency medical care includes first medical aid and emergency medical care provided in individual health care institutions.

Emergency medical care is provided immediately or urgently in response to acute clinical conditions where the patient's life is at risk or when failure to provide such care in time could cause serious complications to the patient's health.

Essential medical care is provided free of charge to all permanent residents, whether or not they are covered by the compulsory health insurance.

Emergency medical care is also provided free of charge to foreign nationals. In order to exercise this right, a citizen of the European Union must present valid documentation proving his / her personal identity and insurance with the National Health Insurance, i.e. the European Health Insurance Card, a temporary replacement certificate or a certificate E123 or DA1 (these certificates confirm the person’s right to the services of emergency medical aid provided due to an accident at work).

Citizens of other foreign countries who do not have a European Health Card must pay for the emergency assistance according to the basic prices of such services approved by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania.

Emergency medical care is provided only upon arrival at Šeškinė Polyclinic.