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About Us

One of the largest health care institutions in the city of Vilnius, Šeškinė Polyclinic provides the services of qualified outpatient primary and secondary health care, day inpatient care, physical medicine and outpatient rehabilitation services.

The clinic opened its doors in December, 1997. Initially, we provided medical and counselling assistance to several thousand residents of Šeškinė and Fabijoniškės. We currently serve over 80,000 patients across the city and suburbs of Vilnius.

Our mission is to meet the legitimate needs and expectations of patients through the provision of safe, high quality personal healthcare services.

Our vision is to become a leading healthcare and diagnostic centre, providing medical services to residents of Vilnius city and district.

Our aim is to strengthen the health of the Lithuanian population and improve healthcare services to reduce morbidity and mortality.

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Daily Services
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Qualified Doctors
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Medical Research