Laboratory Investigations

The laboratory tests carried out in the polyclinic are an integral part of disease diagnostics. Modern analysers used in the modern laboratory provide quality laboratory services needed to assess patients' conditions, diagnose and treat diseases. The laboratory is equipped with a queuing system and a bright and comfortable waiting room.

Laboratory tests primarily test blood, urine, and other secretions for normal levels, and are often the first indicator of an impending or afflicting disease.

The following tests are performed in the polyclinic:

  • Haematological tests: The most common type of tests conducted are blood tests: these can inform about not only forthcoming diseases but also on chronic diseases. This test is also important for disease prophylaxis;
  • Biochemical tests: Various blood and urine tests help to determine general health, specific organ changes and are important in diagnosing diseases. Electrolytes, enzymes, vitamins D (2 + 3), B12, blood coagulation, etc. are evaluated. The general cholesterol and its fractions, and triglycerides are very important in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes mellitus;
  • Co-clinical tests: Urine, stool, sputum and other body secretion tests help to determine the diagnosis, and are often prescribed first and are the basis for other complex examinations;
  • Immunoenzyme tests: These tests identify cancer markers (PSA, Ca15-3, CEA, Ca125, Ca19-9) that are particularly important for early stage cancer diagnosis, evaluation of disease development, and treatment efficacy. Tests of thyroid hormones, and infections (HIV, hepatitis B and C) antibodies are also conducted;
  • Cytological tests: Investigations of various smears, fluid specimens help determine the risk of oncological bladder, cervix, and other diseases;
  • Microbiological tests: These tests determine pathogens (bacteria, fungi, etc.) and microbial susceptibility to antibiotics. 

Paid laboratory tests can be performed without a doctor’s referral upon patient request. The price list of paid services can be found


The Laboratory Diagnostics Department of the Outpatient Clinic is open on weekdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

The Patient memo on how to prepare for the examination can be found here: