Mental Health

Mental health is an emotional, spiritual resilience that allows you to experience joy and endure pain, frustration, and sadness. It is a positive feeling of good, based on faith in your own and other people’s dignity and value.

The Mental Health Centre of Šeškinė Polyclinic provides qualified assistance of a psychiatrist, and psychologist as well as social assistance for persons with mental and behavioural disorders and to their relatives. It also has an operating day care.

The Mental Health Centre of Šeškinė Polyclinic offers specialised and qualified services on the basis of the most advanced and effective teamwork principle by the following physicians:

  • psychiatric doctors;
  • child and adolescent psychiatrists;
  • medical psychologists;
  • mental health nurses;
  • social workers.

The services provided:

  • out-patient mental health care: diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in adults, children and adolescents;
  • medical assistance in cases of acute mental disorders;
  • assistance to people in crisis, at the risk of suicide or after suicide attempts;
  • psychological support and counselling for persons with mental disorders and for their families;
  • psychological diagnostic tests (intellect tests WISC-III, DISC, and other tests);
  • social assistance for persons with mental disorders and for their families, in cooperation with various institutions;
  • outpatient monitoring of patients found guilty by court ruling of mental incapacity and sent to forced treatment;
  • preventive mental health screening (for employment, driving, gun, custody, etc.);
  • a methadone substitution programme is conducted.

The primary outpatient mental health services are available to anyone registered with the Mental Health Centre. Psychiatrists and medical psychologists admit patients without a referral by family practitioner. For individuals uninsured by social medical insurance, only the emergency assistance from a psychiatrist is provided free of charge.

Pre-registration is available upon arrival at the polyclinic, by phone (8 5) 252 5788 or online at

Psychiatric Day Care

The purpose of the day care facility is to strengthen the ability of people with mental disabilities to adapt to the environment, to rebuild community relationships, to help them integrate into a society, to promote socialisation and to enable them to realise their skills through provision of social and medical services.

Patients are admitted from all polyclinics of Vilnius. When arriving to the hospital, you need to have the following:

  • a referral to a psychiatrist (form 027/a);
  • your personal identity documentation.

The modern Psychiatric Day Care is designed for attending patients who wish to remain in the home environment and family issues, but who require inpatient treatment and correction of the treatment prescribed. Patients who come here are encouraged not to lose their autonomy, psychological communication, daily home and work skills.  

The following services are provided:

  • consultation with a physician psychiatrist;
  • medication-based treatments;
  • counselling by a psychologist psychotherapist;
  • psychotherapy (individual and in groups);
  • audiovisual relaxation;
  • supportive physical therapy (physical therapy);
  • light therapy;
  • restoration of daily skills, and training;
  • occupational therapy (drawing, moulding, colouring, etc.);
  • educational cognitive exercises (crossword puzzles and team table


  • self-help groups;
  • developing communication skills;
  • counselling of social workers and solution of social problems;
  • film therapy (demonstration of educational cognitive films, and discussion).

The services are provided by a team of specialist medical practitioners consisting of a physician psychiatrist, psychotherapist, medical psychologist, social workers, mental health nurse and physiotherapist.

Patients willing to receive treatment in the Psychiatric Day Care can register on weekdays by phone (8 5) 250 2000 or by contacting the Psychiatric Day Care directly.

Find out about the physician psychiatrists and psychologists employed in the clinic