Obstetrics and Gynaecology

An obstetrician gynaecologist identifies and treats various gynaecological and sexually transmitted diseases (genital inflammation, various uterine bleeding, uterine myoma, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, menstrual cycle disorders, etc.), advises on contraception and infertility, diagnoses pregnancy, and conducts a qualified care of pregnant women and the developing fetus.

The polyclinic provides counselling to girls and adolescents on puberty, infections, inflammation, contraception, and older patients are advised on menopausal disorders, and hormone replacement therapy.

Obstetricians and gynaecologists recommend that you come for a consultation in the following cases:

  • you are pregnant;
  • you would like to receive advice on how protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases;
  • you would like to make sure you have no gynaecological diseases.
  • you are planning pregnancy or cannot get pregnant;
  • you plan to start your sexual life and want to choose the most appropriate and reliable contraceptive method;
  • your first menstruation begins;
  • you have problems with your menstrual cycle;
  • you experience troublesome menopausal symptoms.

The polyclinic provides primary and secondary outpatient obstetrician gynaecologist health care. The primary health care obstetrician gynaecologists admit patients without a referral by a family practitioner. The secondary outpatient consultation by an obstetrician gynaecologist is available for patients who are referred by a family practitioner or an obstetrician gynaecologist of the primary level.

You can register for a visit to a obstetrician gynaecologist at the reception of polyclinic, by phone 8 5 250 2000 or online at www.poliklinika.lt.

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