Outpatient Surgery

Šeškinė Polyclinic provides high-quality outpatient surgery services. After the procedure, the patients are discharged home. In this way, their life rhythm is minimally disturbed, they do not depart from their usual environment, and they experience less psychological trauma.

Outpatient surgery services are only available by a referral from a physician.

The outpatient surgery services provided in the polyclinic include the following:

  • ablation of lipomas, fibromas and atheromas;
  • removal of candylomas and papillomas;
  • opening and removal of cysts;
  • surgical treatment of the larynx;
  • partial (or complete) removal of nails damaged by fungal diseases;
  • opening, drainage and stitching of abscesses;
  • removal of foreign bodies;
  • necrectmias;
  • formation of post-traumatic amputation glands in the fingers;
  • removal of benign skin and subcutaneous tumours and taking biopsy materials;
  • treatment of the consequences of burns and frostbite.