Procedure for Registering for a Home Visit

Home Visits are registered on weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. by phone at 8 5 250 2000 or when the patient contacts the reception directly.

Patients can receive visits at home from the following: a doctor on duty, a family medical practitioner or paediatrician, a surgeon, or a psychiatrist.

The services of home health care are provided to the following patients:

  • newborns, following their departure from the maternity hospital and on their arrival at home, provided that they have not been visited by a nurse or a midwife;
  • sick children under 1 year of age;
  • children with severe disabilities;
  • patients with acute mobility impairment;
  • patients who have new skin rashes with fever;
  • patients who have fever above 38.5 ⁰C and who are not responding to fever-reducing medication;
  • patients with an established working capacity of 0-25 percent or special needs for continuous care;
  • following an official announcement of an influenza epidemic, as required, patients are visited at home by a separate order by the Director in the regulated manner.
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