Medical Rehabilitation is a complex application of medical rehabilitation measures (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and development of social skills) in order to restore the patient's dysfunction and return him or her to the biosocial environment. In the case of an irreversible degree of dysfunction, the aim is to compensate for it or to maintain the level of functional capability achieved as far as possible.

The Medical Rehabilitation Specialist Team includes a medicine and rehabilitation physician, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a physical medicine and rehabilitation nurse, a medical psychologist, and social worker. If necessary, other professionals may be included in this group.

In the polyclinic, when providing medical rehabilitation services, the team of specialists applies the following therapies:

  • Physiotherapy: Measures are taken to restore the patient's movement functions and to improve, maintain and prevent physical complications. Physiotherapy procedures take place in children's and adult physiotherapy halls, in a vertical bath. Procedures for individual baby floating are conducted in a separate freshwater bath;
  • Occupational therapy: The Occupational Therapy Room develops fine motor skills and passive exercise to restore the patient's ability to perform daily activities. Paraffin baths may also be applied to hands;
  • Physiotherapy: The procedures of pulsed current, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, microwave, inhalation, and fangoparaffin application are performed for the treatment of diseases and injuries, prevention of diseases and seeking to maintain or strengthen health;
  • Hydrotherapy: Underwater massage and whirlpool procedures are applied;
  • Healing massages.

The polyclinic also provides outpatient rehabilitation services to patients with nervous system, ear, nose and throat, endocrine disorders and injuries to support muscoskeletal system. The services are available to children as well as adults, and only adult patients are admitted for the services for ear, nose and throat diseases.

Outpatient rehabilitation services require a referral by a family practitioner (paediatrician).

Patients arriving without a referral and / or seeking physical medical treatment shall pay for the services in accordance with the approved price list of the paid services and procedures.

The price list of paid services can be found


Registration for the visit is available at the reception of the Physical Medicine and Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Unit, tel. 8 5 250 2124 or online at