Signing up at Šeškinė Polyclinic

Every citizen of the Republic of Lithuania and all foreigners are eligible to apply to Šeškinė Polylinic for primary and secondary personal health care services. Any person covered by compulsory health insurance is eligible to enrol in the polyclinic and receive services of personal healthcare reimbursed (free of charge) from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund. Persons who are not covered by compulsory health insurance must pay for visits to doctors and tests according to the rates approved by the order of the Director of the Polyclinic.

If you would like to become our patient, please come to the Information Front Desk at the polyclinic, located in the 1st block of the polyclinic. You will need to fill out a special form request for treatment at your chosen primary personal health care institution (polyclinic), a patient's statement of intent on healthcare services and you must choose a specific GP or paediatrician. Please bring the following documents with you: a personal identification document with your photo: a passport, an ID card or another ID document with your photo and your personal identification code. For children, a Lithuanian birth certificate or a passport can be used for identification.

Patients willing to receive treatment at the Mental Health Centre of Šeškinė Polyclinic will need to complete an application for primary services of outpatient mental health care at the reception of the Mental Health Centre located on the 3rd floor of the 2nd block of the polyclinic.

In accordance with November 9, 2001 Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania No. 583, the patient pays 0.29 EUR to the polyclinic for processing the registration documents.

If the patient chooses to transfer to another treatment institution within 6 months or less, he / she shall pay a fee of 2.90 EUR for processing the registration documents and transfer of the medical documents to the institution of their choice.

A fee of 0.29 EUR applies when a person enters a full-time education institution or returns to their permanent place of residence, graduates from his / her studies and chooses another institution.   

You can also sign up for the Šeškinė Polyclinic online. This can be done by individuals who have an electronic signature or use electronic banking services. You can register online



In the polyclinic, patients apply to the doctor of their choice (a family practitioner or paediatrician) in all cases of medical conditions. If necessary, the treating family medical practitioner will refer you for a consultation with any specialist physicians required.

If you need emergency medical care, it will be provided by a doctor on duty or any other physician at work at that time.

If you want to change your family medical practitioner or paediatrician

If a patient is willing to receive treatment by another family medical practitioner or paediatrician at Šeškinė Polyclinic, he / she can simply contact the Information Front Desk and fill in a request for a replacement of his / her physician.